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Down Home Dachshunds is excited to announce that we will now offer retail products for sale! Our retail trade name is DACHS by Down Home! My passion for Dachshunds allows me to offer products that any Dachshund lover will enjoy. Our product line features items available for our fur babies as well as our Dachshund lovers. We will start out slowly with limited inventories, and eventually moving on to having enough for everyone. Some items will be crafted by myself as time allows. I like to decorate or make things for my fur babies, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Please continue to visit our Products for Sale Page for additional information and pricing.                                                                             Thanks for visiting our Down Home Family!
We have our first item! We are so excited about our doggie blankets! These fleece blankets are perfect for any puppy or adult dog. Oh and we can't forget the kitty cat too! All of the blankets were cut and tied by us here at Dachs. We also picked out the colors and patterns. These are not from kits. The sizes are approximately 29 x 23. The exact size just depends on the cut we get from the fabric store. They only differ in size by very little. We hope you love them as much as we do! We have limited quantities, so if you would like one, please contact us by phone (601-590-2039) or email, and let us know! 
Item #BLA Navy Blue Lime Green Chevron
Item #BLA Black/White Paw Print
Item #BLA Tourq/Black Lime Paw Print
Item #BLA Yellow/Multicolor Paw Print
Item #BLA Orange/Butterfly
Item #BLA Burgundy/White Orange Flowers
Item #BLA Orange/Gray Pastel Paw Print
Item #BLA Red/Blue/Green Lady Bug
Item #BLA Black/Basketball
Item #BLA Gray/Yellow Gray Circles
Item #BLA Pink/Bows
Item #BLA Brown/Tourq/Brown Circles
Products For Sale

 These fleece blankets are perfect to bring home with your new baby. I will have the siblings of your puppy, play and lay on the blanket. When you bring your new puppy home, their blanket  will have the scent of their siblings on it. The scent of the other puppies will bring comfort to your puppy in their new surroundings. 
For a new Puppy Owner