Final Details

We are so excited for the arrival of your new fur baby!
We would like to go over some final details before you receive your puppy. 

Your puppy is 8 weeks old now! They are growing into their own little personalities and are the cutest ever at this age. Playing, running around, and enjoying their toys. We have been taking care of them, with the help of their mom of course, since they took their first breath. Now we want to be sure that you will continue the care and love that they need. He/she has had their first shots at 6 weeks of age and their second shot at 8 weeks. They have also been wormed every 2 weeks, starting at 2 weeks of age. Their next worming and shot will be required at 10 weeks of age. We want you to take your puppy to the vet within the first 48 hours of them arriving at their new home. We have given them everything that our vet requires us to give them. We are inspected by our vet twice a year and inspected by USDA once a year. There are certain things we have to follow and do to stay compliment with USDA and with our vet. We can give shots, worming and any care that is guided by our veterinarian.  We can't however, do fecal checks or any other checks for the puppy that only a vet can do. The required visit is to be sure all of their medications are working properly. 

Currently, your puppy is eating Exceed Members Mark Puppy Food. This is a chicken and rice puppy food from Sam's Club. It is free of wheat, corn, soy, and by-product-meal. All of our adult dogs and puppies eat Exceed. We have had wonderful results with our adults and puppies eating this brand. We compared the ingredients to other dog foods, and we feel it is a great food to feed your new puppy. If however, you are unable to feed this brand of puppy food, please make sure you have the new puppy food you have chosen to feed available when your fur baby arrives. You will have to mix the puppy food that we have provided for you with the new food you have chosen to feed. We don't want to make a quick change to a new food. You should always mix the new food with the food we have sent home with you. Mixing the food will help with your puppies transition to the new food. We want to make the transition to the new food a slow process. We do not want to upset his/her stomachs by switching to a new brand of food too fast.  

At the age of 6 weeks, we start introducing your puppy to NuVet vitamins. We love NuVet and believe it is a great supplement for your puppy. Go ahead and order your vitamins now, so they will be available to him/her when they arrive at your home. We will supply a sample pack of NuVet wafers to you. It will contain 3 wafers. Please give your puppy a half of a wafer every day. Puppies that are 5 pounds and under receive a half of a wafer a day, and puppies 5 pounds and over will receive a whole wafer a day.  This sample pack will cover your puppy for the next 6 days. So please make sure you have placed your order in enough time to have them arrive before your puppy does. If we are flying your puppy to you, unfortunately, the airlines do not allow us to send the sample of vitamins with your fur baby. So be sure you have ordered in enough time for them to arrive before your puppy arrives home. 

We want to make sure you have a happy, health puppy. Please call us and let us know how your baby is doing. We are here if you need anything for them. I love to saty in touch and enjoy receiving picutes and videos. Welcome to our Down Home Family! We are so happy you have joined us! Let the fun began with your new puppy!

Puppy Food

NuVet Vitamins

We highly recommed keeping your puppy on NuVet Vitamins. As your puppy transitions to their new home, they can experience what's called an immunity gap. The move from our home to yours can be stressful and could possibly make their immune system go down. NuVet will help keep their immune system up during this time of transiton. 

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NuVet Vitamins!

All of our babies come with a free sample of NuVet Vitamins. You will want to go ahead and place an order today so you won't run out when your baby arrives. When placing your order ask for NuVet Plus and be sure to give them our reference number below!